Calligraphy, lettering, typography. Three separate disciplines? No. The same? No. Overlapping? Yes.


After teaching drawn type design and typography for graphic designers, as well as drawing letters for over thirty years, I have finally taken the step into the world of digital typography, fulfilling an old dream of mine. 


Join this workshop where you will learn the basics of putting the written letter on to your keyboard, and making your own typeface.


We will draw letters with a pencil, looking at typographic detailing vs underlying form.  A few simple drawings will be used as a starting point from which to make a typeface.


We will use a free version of the software Glyphs, which is a Mac only software.


Calligraphers are welcome to bring old craft in touch with new technology.


We will not be needing all our calligraphy materials for this workshop, but paper and pencils are very useful. And any calligraphic skills you bring to the table will be helpful to you. 





Four week class in Zoom, Thursdays 28th of September–19th of October 2023, 19:30–21:00 (90 mins). [CET].