Macro level


– Use as few fonts as possible.

– Use as few sizes as possible.

– Use as few text groups as possible.

– Avoid rules, lines and boxes, if possible.


Micro level


– When text is set in capitals (majuscules) they should be spaced loosely and (preferably) optically.


– Use proportional oldstyle figures with minuscule letters, and proportional lining figures with majuscule letters

(if technology allows it).


– Use correct hyphens, quotation marks and dashes.


– Renaissance oldstyle / antique letters are less suited for weight changes than functionalist sans serif letters. Renaissance typographers managed for a long time using only one weight, with the available small capitals and italic.


– Use optically designed small capitals and beware how a change of size will impact the weight of the letters.


– Ligatures for difficult combinations of letters should be used when available (fi, fl, ffi, ffl, fj)