Why alphabets?


One may ask if the alphabets made here are models meant to be copied. The answer is a simple no. There is a big difference between writing out an alphabet to explore the various possibilities lettershapes offer, and making a model for the aspiring beginner or intermediate student to learn from. So these aren’t pedagogical tools. 


I would like to counter the question in the heading with the following: Would we question a musician who is performing an instrumental piece of music, with no lyrics, about why she has performed it? Probably not. 


There are still many things to explore in modern latin calligraphy. These alphabets are one way of approaching that task.


Does that mean I avoid literature or literal contexts? Go to my menu and have a look at the ‘Texts’ section and you’ll find many calligraphic takes on literary texts. It is not one or the other.   


What are QWERTYs? 


Amongst my alphabets you will find qwertys, a phrase I have coined. It is simply rearranging the letters of the alphabet like they are arranged on the qwerty keyboard. And the qwerty keyboard is named after the first letters on it. Perhaps in a 100 years the alphabet will no longer be around. The keyboard might have taken over completely.


This is my attempt at reclaiming the letters from the keyboard, and putting them back into the pen, so to speak. 












These pieces are unique originals written on paper by hand. Some of them may be for sale. Contact me if you are interested. 

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