Christopher Haanes (b. 1966 in Cheltenham) is a Norwegian calligrapher, typographer and book-designer. After graduating from Roehampton Institute under Ann Camp in 1989 with a Diploma w/ merit in Calligraphy & Bookbinding, he was granted Fellow membership of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators as the second youngest and only Scandinavian member (he is no longer a member).


He taught for many years in Skolen for Grafisk Design (the School for Graphic Design) in Oslo, and later in Westerdals. He has worked as a professional calligrapher accepting commissions for both companies and private / official institutions. He has also written several books and articles, and has taught extensively in over 17 different countries, as an internationally acknowledged calligrapher.


Noteworthy commissions include the logo and corporate font for Cappelen Damm publishers (the font was a collaboration with Sumner Stone), and several prestige awards and diplomas, the more recent being the Nobel Peace Prize, which is an annual commission.


He has made a number of book jackets and designed several books, including his own Håndbok i Kalligrafi (Aschehoug, 1994), Kalligrafi (NRK Fale, 1998), Bokstavelig (Aschehoug, 2004), ABC for voksne (H/O/F 2008, English translation self published as ABC for Adults), Abstracts (H/O/F 2008) and recently Calligraphy & Lettering (Matura Press 2021).


As a calligraphic artist he has exhibited several times, and as well as doing commissions and craft work he also considers calligraphy to be an art form in itself. He believes our letters have deep historic roots, and that an understanding of their history should be no hindrance in the making of work that is relevant today.

Photo: Yann C.M. Bougaran