A B O U T   T H E   B O O K 


Calligraphy & Lettering is a complete handbook for anyone interested in letters and where they came from. It has a historical and a practical section.


The historical section deals with the evolution of our letters from Egyptian and Sumerian times up to the Roman alphabet’s appearance; the evolution of the latin alphabet through monastic writing into the flowering Renaissance; and the invention and impact of printing. The Arts & Crafts and Bauhaus movements are included, so are typographic developments, as well as the ‘modern’ calligraphy movement up until the 1970s.


The practical section deals with the use of materials, basic principles of broad-edged pen writing and the proportions of Roman capital letters. It contains models for capital letters, foundational hand, italic, uncials, gothic textura, fractura, rotunda and civilité.


Exemplars for beginners and advanced students are shown, alongside explanatory diagrams dealing with spacing, optical phenomena, common mistakes and more. There is a chapter on handwriting, drawn/typographic letters and lay-out/composition.


232 pages. Full colour. Sewn binding. All books are signed by author.

O T H E R S   S A Y 


What I like about this beautiful book is that it can be read at a number of levels. It contains simple instruction for a beginner but it also develops sophisticated forms that repay deep study and it naturally makes connections between written and typographic forms. This is an unusually comprehensive writing manual from a contemporary master, at the top of his game. Oh …  and it has an inspiring history section too!! 

Ewan Clayton


Christopher Haanes is one of the western world’s most able and discerning calligraphers […] Haanes has designed the book himself  […] a very pleasing object to handle. […] there is much here to interest and help the resourceful student of calligraphy who is prepared to ‘understand and make use of, the letters of the past’ as Haanes puts it […] and is willing to seek out what they need from the wealth of advice and examples, and above all the inspiring illustrations, especially of Haanes’ own calligraphy.

John Neilson, ‘Forum’, magazine for Letter Exchange’


This attractive landscape format book has been well designed by the author. With many clear, large examples, it should prove very useful particularly to those looking for clear examination of the fundamentals of letter making and subtlety of letterform. […] This book shows calligraphy of the highest quality and the methods Haanes uses to achieve it and demonstrates that there is certainly a role in current society for the designer-calligrapher.

Tom Perkins, ‘The Edge’, magazine for Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society




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