This art project was first exhibited Bergen under Audiatur Festival of poetry, later in Jan Sæther’s gallery Nordic Art in Brugata, Oslo, in 2008. It contains multiple fictitious book covers including short descriptions and biographies for their authors. Walter Struhma is a central figure.

The authors and their books are fictitious. The titles of the books and the ‘blur’ (short backside text) are also fictional. 


The project started as an article that was sent in to a Norwegian paper, Morgenbladet, in 1994-5. The article was writen under the pseudonym Walter Struhma, and described a neo-pointilist seminar in Copenhagen (also fictitious). It wasn’t printed, but it lead to this project, where several of the authors (particularily the early ones) deal with pointilism in one way or another. Aldus Press (yes, also fictitious) later widened its scope. 


The second part of the book covers without books were made post 2010, after Walter Struhma got out of a many year long writers block and depression to write the book ‘Ceiling Musings’. And yes, Walter Struhma is a fictional character.


Book Covers without Books will be available as an e-book in pdf format shortly.


Until then…