After the Roman capital letter ended its dominance as the preferred official script of the Roman Empire around 400 AD, the uncials developed as a script easier and quicker to write, and suitable for the writing of longer and continuous texts. It was influenced by Roman cursive which was used for informal notes. It is situated between majuscules and minuscules historically, and we can use the uncials as a springboard for the creation of hybrids and offsprings.

The Uncial script is round, friendly and soft in appearance. Its theory is easy to understand, and it is a little easier to master than the Roman capitals it grew out of. There are many ways of modernising it, and I will demonstrate how to bring greater subtlety and life to the strokes.


We can also let it influence both our majuscules and our minuscules; it lends itself very well to the creation of hybrid shapes.


We will dip into drawing and digitizing at the end of the workshop.


Join me to link in with this fabulous historical script and find ways to modernize it.


– Slack for communication, feedback and comments.

– Access to video on YouTube for two months after the last day.

– Follow up private classes with discounts for participants.


When: Thursdays 2nd–30th of November [no class on the 9th]. Four sessions total. 19:30–21:00 CET

How: Interactive online workshop, live using Zoom .

Price: 142 Euros


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