Skeleton capitals to ruling pen


Skeleton capitals are literally the backbone of the calligraphic primary hands.


The ruling pen is a writing tool which lends itself to more gestural and explosive work. In the right hand it can add interesting line qualities to calligraphy.


Contrary to common belief, there is a strong connection between structured and skilled work and experimental gestural work we see in modern latin calligraphy. 


I believe a formal starting point is the best point from which to explore dynamic and movement orientated letterforms. The skills and insights one acquires from structured and disciplined work is applicable to other means of expression.


Following this train of thought I have decided to combine a workshop on skeleton Roman Capitals and the use of the ruling pen. 


To begin with we will be focusing on the Roman proportions of letters, spacing them, and writing them with monolinear tools. We will also look at how they can be varied and how we can give them life using simple means. Exercises using dynamic movement will be introduced. Typographic sans serifs and modern type design will be touched upon.


We will then gradually introduce the ruling pen. I will demonstrate how this tool can give interesting results when applied to capitals, and how we can add weight to the strokes.

Coming up!  


Register from October 5th.


When: Four week class in Zoom, 

Thursdays 21., 28. Oct, 4., 11. Nov. 2021, 19:30–21:00 (90 mins). [Oslo time].

Content: Accesss to videos for two months after classes have ended, talks and demos. Corrections and comments between sessions (using Slack). Downloadable workbook as pdf.
Cost: 152 Euros 

  • Instructor with 30 years of teaching experience
  • 4 week class, 90 minute sessions
  • Online corrections of homework between sessions
  • Video available for 2 months after online session
  • Interactive Zoom sessions. Slack for in-between-sessions
  • Demonstrations, lectures, Q&A sessions
  • From basic shapes to subtleties
  • A variety of techniques
  • Variations covered
  • Workbook available as downloadable PDF
  • Feedback and comments in Slack
  • All levels welcome