What is italic?


Italic script evolved as a result of a quicker writing movement. The carolingian predecessor of italic was rounder, and written with fewer strokes. As scribes made quicker, informal notes as they copied the carolingian manuscripts, a script with few pen lifts and a more pointed character came into being. Gothic cursives that were in use at the time have also been an influence. Eventually this hybrid letter became formalized, and was popular in the Papal chancery, hence its Latin name cancelleresca.

The workshop


Italic is among the most versatile and dynamic scripts. It can be both a warm and aggressive, formal and informal, flowing and staccato. It is a script that can speak in infinitely different tones of voice.


In this in depth 5 week workshop we will move from simple movement based shapes to more complex and advanced shapes, and explore how weight, shape, extensions and joins are varied and changed to produce richness of variety.


– Homework will be corrected between lessons, and all levels are welcome (some experience with a broad edged pen is helpful).


– Lectures, demonstrations, workbook as pdf, access to videos for two months after the workshop has ended.


– We will work in Zoom and use Slack for communication.

When: Five week class in Zoom, Wednesdays 16th of August—13th of September 2023, 19:30–21:00 (90 mins). [CEST]. 


R E G I S T R A T I O N   I S   C L O S E D 

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