Join in to explore ways to play with movement and proportions of capital letters.


The word ‘flourish’ has several meanings, but I particularily like these: ‘To grow or develop successfully’ (Cambridge Dictionary), implying that florishes in calligraphy need to develop over time. Also I quite like the fact that flourishing in fencing during the Renaissance was a display of dexterity, and skill, sometimes to throw the opponent off by a confusing movement of the weapon. And of course the ‘card flourish’: a stage magic term for a visual display of skill., putting some magic into the game.


Flourished capitals are generally used alongside italic minuscules. They may also be upright. They are lively and playful, and add much variety and spark to a text. 


Like all capitals, these are derived from the Roman Capitals, so it is helpful if participants are familiar with the proportions of Roman Capitals before class, although all levels are welcome. There is a video on these proportions here.


Movement excercises with various writing tools will be demonstrated.


There will be lectures, demonstrations and Q&A sessions. Lessons will be corrected in Slack (free) before each session,





Thursdays 5th–26th of January 2023.

Sessions in Zoom. From 19:30–21:00 CET. 

Workshop details here

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