I am pleased to announce my very first workshop teaching Gothic. I have done plenty of work in gothic / blackletter over the years, and gothic scripts have a prominent place in my book, yet somehow it never fit with my teaching plans. We will move from proto-gothic to textura precissus and on to more advanced techniques, ending up with the wonderfully lively fractura hand. All levels are welcome.
When: Four week class in Zoom, Thursdays 12th August – 2nd September, 20:00–21:30 (CEST). [90 mins].
Content: Accesss to videos for two months after classes have ended, talks and demos. Corrections and comments between sessions (using Slack). Downloadable workbook as pdf.
Cost: 145 Euros

Register from July 5th.

• Instructor with 30 years of teaching experience
• 4 week class, 90 minute sessions
• Online corrections of homework between sessions
• Video available for 2 months after online session
• Interactive Zoom sessions. Slack for in-between-sessions
• Demonstrations, lectures, Q&A sessions
• From basic shapes to subtleties
• A variety of techniques
• Variations covered
• Workbook available as downloadable PDF
• Feedback and comments in Slack
• All levels welcome