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Quotes from students in the Roman Capitals Workshop:

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed our Romans class and have benefited greatly from it. You are such an amazing teacher, providing such wonderful demonstrations, talking through your process, and making sure we all understand your techniques.  You remind us that learning Romans is not not a quick process and that we should be happy if we see progress in just one letter.  What an amazing workshop with such helpful feedback!’ Ann Cobb, [Nashville Calligraphers Guild and IAMPETH 2nd Vice President]

‘Terrific class, and both informative and practically helpful. I especially like the emphasis on making the letters freehand, getting the proportions in your hand, rather than something that relies on the training wheels of measuring proportions. I am looking forward to the next class taking foundational to antiqua’ Seamus Cassidy

‘This was a wonderful class. I would encourage any student who seriously wants to achieve good results with Roman Capitals to take this class. Christopher presents it an a logical manner and encourages people to work at their own ability level until they are ready for the more complex subtleties of Roman. He presented us with a wealth of background information, backed up by the information in his book – Calligraphy and Lettering.’
Olive Bull

I personally loved the class. It’s detailed, informative and takes you step by step into the difficult process of constructing the Roman Capitals. I also loved all the history lessons, our detailed workbook and your feedbacks. I believe you have given me a solid foundation to continue studying this ancient but essential letter form on my own. I have fallen in love with the rhythmically swelling stroke of the Trajan letter form and would continue to practice it step by step. Thank you so much for this wonderful class. Parul Gupta

  • Instructor with 30 years of teaching experience
  • 4 week class, 90 minute sessions
  • Online corrections of homework between sessions
  • Video available for 2 months after online session
  • Interactive Zoom sessions. Slack for in-between-sessions
  • Demonstrations, lectures, Q&A sessions
  • From basic shapes to subtleties
  • A variety of techniques
  • Variations covered
  • Workbook available as downloadable PDF
  • Feedback and comments in Slack
  • All levels welcome

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Please note that I have a no refund policy.

John Neal Books does postal orders, and he has many of the materials required.


  • Some or all of the following choice of papers:
  • Arches Text Wove
  • Rives BFK
  • Khadi Indian Handmade papers come in several different textures.
  • Daler layout pads in A3 size are good for practicing sometimes.
  • A cartridge paper of good quality


  • All sizes of Brause nibs are recommended [Mitchell nibs not suitable] 
  • Pencil [2h]. 
  • Pointed brush, for loading nib with ink
  • Colored pencils


  • Chinese Stick Ink of good quality
  • Ink Stone
  • Higgins Eternal is a cheaper substitute, but the Chinese stick ink is highly recommended 
  • Colours are optional, but please use Winsor & Newton gouache


  • T Square
  • Dividers 
  • Compass
  • Scalpel blade [no 22 for scraping]
  • Adjustable drawing board 
  • Sandarac powder 
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Old cloth
  • Water jar
  • Guard sheet or cotton glove (as you prefer),