Italic is one of the most popular and versatile hands. One may ask if there really is a neutral italic. There is much variation even among Renaissance scribes. And there is a multitude of modern adaptations, stretching from formal, almost typographic styles to highly individual possibilities.


An italic hand can easily be transformed into a modern and sparkling script. It is familiar territory for me; I have taught italic for more than 30 years, but I still find more to discover. We will be dealing with the italic hand from its most basic, rhythmical shapes to more advanced details and flourishes. I will be demonstrating the connection between the italic hand and more experimental ruling pen scripts at the end of the workshop.


Basic letter structure, pen hold and sitting position will be dealt with, as well as advanced techniques (pressure variation, pen angle manipulation and building-up/retouching). There will be lectures and demonstrations concerning the history of letters, the relationship between the printed and the written word, and technical solutions.

When: 4 week class in Zoom. 19. & 26. May, 2. & 9. June 2022. 20:00–21:30 CEST

Content: Accesss to videos for two months after classes have ended, talks and demos. Corrections and comments between sessions (using Slack). Downloadable workbook as pdf.

Cost: 152 Euros


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See General workshop info for materials and more.

• Instructor with 30 years of teaching experience
• 4 week class, 90 minute sessions
• Online corrections of homework between sessions
• Video available for 2 months after online session
• Interactive Zoom sessions. Slack for in-between-sessions
• Demonstrations, lectures, Q&A sessions
• From basic shapes to subtleties
• A variety of techniques
• Variations covered
• Workbook available as downloadable PDF
• Feedback and comments in Slack
• All levels welcome


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