Simplified Capitals: Inspired by movement, informed by geometry, directed by the body & the writing tool.


The capital letters we use derive their name from the latin word caput, meaning head. They are reliant on very clear ideas of proportion, and making them is often a strenuous intellectual activity.


Even the Romans that spread the capital letters throughout Europe knew that the geometry of the letters were only one side of the ‘coin’: they also used informal and movement based versions of the capital letters, Roman cursive writing, for occasions when speed and informality was required.


Movement and speed are connected, and our capital letters can be placed on a sliding scale between slow and elaborate on the one hand versus quick and informal on the other.


In this workshop we will explore simplified informal capitals for modern, practical use. Starting with skeleton shapes we will move on to broad edged pen shapes and simple serifs. Both movement exercises and geometry will be used. Alternative shapes inspired by uncials and Roman cursive writing will be touched upon.


All levels are welcome, although some familiarity with the broad edged pen is helpful.

Thursdays from 21st & 28th April, 12th & 5th May. 20:00–21:30 CEST. Reserve the dates. Official registration from 12th of March.