Vitalize your hands

I have been teaching an intermediate to advanced class in calligraphy, using advanced techniques like pen manipulation, pressure variation and retouching. John Stevens, one of the world’s foremost calligraphers and a master of the broad-edged brush, was teaching majuscule lettering. Yves Leterme from Belgium will teach a one-day workshop in Greensboro. The group of students have been hard working, warm hearted and a joy to teach. The organizers, Jim and Joyce Teta, are worthy of my deepest gratitude for their kindness, generousity and professionality in the organising of the event. Much hard work has been done, many interesting discussions have taken place, and I sense people will come away with much joy and inspiration from these five days of concentrated work. Bless your hearts!

Workshop at Camp Cheerio, North Carolina 24–28th September 2012.

Author: Christopher Haanes

Calligrapher, typographer, book-designer. Teacher and author of several books and articles on letters.

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